Outpatient Ancillary Services

AHMC Seton Medical Center Coastside

AHMC Seton Medical Center Coastside’s Ancillary Services are offered to all residents and outpatients.

We are committed to providing a full range of ancillary services for our residents, outpatients, and to the surrounding coastal community. The delivery of our healthcare services is characterized by strong commitment to the dignity of the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. At AHMC Seton Medical Center Coastside, we are dedicated to providing the quality ancillary services for every individual.


AHMC Seton Medical Center Coastside’s dynamic rehabilitation team provides physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy by licensed therapists and assistants. Our goal is for all residents to function at their highest level. To meet this end, we assess, upon a physician’s order the resident’s needs for adaptive equipment, individualized exercise programs, or communication skills. When requested, we encouraged the families to participate in therapy and train them in helping with the resident’s maintenance programs. We also provide out- patient rehabilitation services for the community, with a prescription from a physician.